James W. Chesebro

A Century of Transformation Podcast

James W. Chesebro is Distinguished Professor of Telecommunications in the Department of Telecommunications at Ball State University. Dr. Chesebro served as president of the Eastern Communication Association in 1983 and president of the National Communication Association in 1996. He has served as the editor of several journals including Review of Communication, Critical Studies in Media Communication, and Communication Quarterly. Among several honors, he has been awarded NCA’s Golden Anniversary Award and the Samuel L. Becker Distinguished Service Award, and twice received ECA’s Everett Lee Hunt Scholarship Award. He also received the Distinguished Research Fellow, Distinguished Teaching Fellow, Distinguished Service Award, and the Ecroyd Distinguished Teaching Award from ECA. Dr. Chesebro has published over 100 articles in communication journals and published several books including: Analyzing Media: Communication Technologies as Symbolic and Cognitive Systems, Extensions of the Burkeian System, Computer-Mediated Communication: Human Relationships in a Computerized World, Public Policy Decision-Making, Orientations to Public Communication, and coedited the third edition of Methods of Rhetorical Communication. For the 100th Anniversary of the Eastern Communication Association, Dr. Chesebro edited a collected volume about the impact the association has had on the field of human communication for Oxford University Press titled A Century of Transformation: Studies in Honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Eastern Communication Association.

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