Jeffrey W. Kassing, Ph.D.

Organizational Dissent

Dr. Jeffrey W. Kassing is an Associate Professor at Arizona State University in the Department of Communication Studies. Dr. Kassing teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in organizational, applied, and environmental communication. His primary line of research concerns how employees express dissent about organizational policies and practices. In addition, he conducts research that explores communication and sport. His research has been published in Human Communication, Management Communication Quarterly, Communication Quarterly, Communication Studies, Communication Research Reports, Communication Yearbook, and Communication Reports.

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Jeffrey W. Kassing's Major Writings


Kassing, J. W.  (2008).  "In case you didn't hear me the first time": An examination of repetitious upward dissent.  Management Communication Quarterly, 22, 416-436. 
doi: 10.1177/0893318908327008

Kassing, J. W.  (2000).  Investigating the relationship between superior-subordinate relationship quality and employee dissent.  Communication Research Reports, 17, 58-70.

Kassing, J. W.  (1998).  Development and validation of the Organizational Dissent Scale.  Management Communication Quarterly, 12, 183-229.

Kassing, J. W. (1997). Articulating, antagonizing, and displacing: A Model of employee dissent. Communication Studies, 48, 311-332.

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